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Sep 3rd, 2013

BL-welcom 1With a strategic location and the fastest internet connectivity available anywhere, San Leandro is poised to capitalize on the current economic recovery. To ensure that we maximize our success, San Leandro is expanding its efforts to welcome new businesses with a Business License Tax Holiday. This program will be effective immediately and will run for one year.

Virtually all businesses that are new to San Leandro, including start-ups and businesses relocating from other areas, will be exempt from the tax for their first year of operations. The City will also waive a zoning conformance review fee for new businesses.  While it will still be necessary for all businesses to acquire a business license, no fee will be charged for those that qualify for the program. More detailed information on the program is available here.

Program information is also available in Chinese and in Spanish.

At the conclusion of the Tax Holiday, new businesses will continue to benefit from some of the lowest and most straightforward costs of doing business in the Bay Area.

The Business License Tax Holiday is just one component of San Leandro’s business-ready mindset. San Leandro businesses enjoy numerous advantages including:

  • An Unparalleled, Strategic Location: San Leandro offers close proximity to the Oakland International Airport and Port of Oakland, two major freeways, two BART stations, and access to a world-class, highly-educated workforce.
  • High-Speed Internet Access via Lit San Leandro (  A fiber optic network circles San Leandro’s industrial and commercial core offering businesses virtually unlimited internet connectivity. San Leandro has installed nearly 11 miles of fiber optics, with an additional 8 miles coming in 2014. Lit San Leandro offers speeds up to 10 gigabits per second, roughly 2,000 times faster than the average U.S. internet connection.
  • Flexible Industrial Space for Innovation: San Leandro has maintained almost a quarter of its land area for industrial uses, offering flexible and affordable real estate for innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • Fast-track Permitting: Our one-stop permitting center moves businesses efficiently through the permitting process with minimal red tape.
  • Low Cost of Doing Business: At the conclusion of the Business License Tax Holiday, businesses will find that San Leandro’s Business License Taxes are among the lowest in the region. San Leandro does not charge any taxes on payroll or gross receipts.
  • Investments in Infrastructure: With a brand-new Downtown Parking Garage, a $50 million upgrade to our wastewater treatment plant, and several ongoing street improvement projects, San Leandro has demonstrated a commitment to providing the infrastructure that businesses rely upon.

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