– What do you think is the biggest housing challenge facing the City today?

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May 12th, 2014
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2035logo1The City’s new General Plan website,, provides background information about an important two year planning process currently underway.  The City’s General Plan guides future decisions and activities in seven major areas including: land use, transportation, housing, open space and conservation, environmental hazards, community design and preservation, and community services and facilities. The new planning period will be from 2015 through 2035. The website includes public and community meeting schedules, presentations and meeting summaries, and copies of relevant documents.

Interested individuals are also encouraged to visit and register for Virtual City Hall and participate in the process by sharing their thoughts when new questions arise. Go there now and let us know what you think is the biggest housing challenge facing San Leandro today. Virtual City Hall serves as an interactive, online forum to encourage greater public involvement in shaping the City’s future. We welcome your participation.

One Response to “ – What do you think is the biggest housing challenge facing the City today?”

  1. Rafael says:

    IMO the biggest challenge is the lack of larger homes with character and green belts to rest the eye. 2/3 of all the homes in San Leandro are poorly designed post war homes that leave little to be desired. And the city has very little open spaces to provide a better quality of life to its citizens.


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