Smart City Diaries: Tech Podcast Features San Leandro’s Smart City Evolution

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Sep 3rd, 2021

Expect the City of San Leandro and its continuing tech & innovation evolution to be featured in a new podcast series launched in July on Spotify, Apple and a growing number of podcast apps! Smart City Diaries, The Podcast, launched in July, 2021, and we are pleased to introduce this important “smart city” resource to the San Leandro community.

What is Smart City Diaries? The podcast is a dynamic, intergenerational tech podcast featuring individuals familiar to the San Leandro community, including:

  • Deborah Acosta, former City of San Leandro Chief Innovation Officer (CIO), San Leandro resident / Co-Host & Writer;
  • Anna Acosta, daughter, former San Leandro resident, Musician’s Institute grad, musician / Co-Host & Writer;
  • Zac Borja, San Leandro business owner and resident / Associate Producer (Social Media & Communications);
  • Brandon Katcher of Lost Summit Films, filmmaker responsible for the documentary Truth Is Beauty, an award-winning video focused on the 2016 journey of the iconic sculpture by artist Marco Cochrane to its current home at the San Leandro Tech Campus / Director;
  • Rounding out the team is Mary Celestin, UC Berkeley Masters Student, Harvey Mudd College grad, Engineering Intern at San Leandro’s 3-D tech company, Ivaldi Group, and Founder of San Jose Strong, a grassroots organization to reinvent San Jose for and by the community / Associate Producer (Social Media).

Meet the Daughter/Mother Co-Hosts of Smart City Diaries, Anna and Deborah Acosta, and let us know how many San Leandro locations you find in this trailer!

As San Leandro’s Chief Innovation Officer, Deborah was charged with attracting investment and new business armed with the City’s fiber optic network, Lit San Leandro. The City’s almost 20-mile network of fiber optics and conduit was developed with several partners and resources, most significantly Dr. Patrick Kennedy, Founder and former CEO of OSISoft, San Leandro’s largest tech company, and a $2.1 million matching grant from the federal Economic Development Agency – the first EDA-initiated broadband infrastructure grant of its kind in the United States.

When asked what inspired her to focus on the creation of Smart City Diaries, Deborah responded: “I am inspired by young people, especially by my experience with youth here in San Leandro. It’s both touching and frustrating for me when I experience the brilliance and hope of young people eager to take on challenges – then watch them face the reality of climate change challenging the stability of systems in their own cities! At Smart City Diaries, we want to empower people of all ages to learn how basic systems work, beginning with broadband, data and blockchain. And with my Millennial daughter, Anna, as co-host, we’ll make sure we have the challenging intergenerational conversations needed to build connections, community and hope for a new generation.”

Join entrepreneur hosts Anna and Deborah Acosta as they weave a “Smart City” roadmap through illuminating, challenging conversation with diverse experts.

You can find the Smart City Diaries podcast on one of a growing number of channels:

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