The Return of Making Things: Bridging the Youth/Experience Divide

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Apr 15th, 2014

This week, Greg Delaune of UIXGlobal and someone I’ve worked closely with almost from Day 1 of my San Leandro journey, launched Impact Urbanism a new blog that features writings from thought leaders in Innovation Ecosystems.  I was delighted to be asked to address the following question for this launch: “In 2014, what will be the most important MOVEMENT, PROJECT, or PERSON making a global impact on sustainable urban policy and community development?”

The resulting responses from Mike Zuckerman, Doc Mike North, Eric Corey Freed, Gordon Feller, Greg Delaune, Jennifer Sant’Anna, Ron Blatman and me paint a picture of connections: connections through the internet (The Internet of Things), connections between people (Connection Technology/Technology of Division & Green Economy and the Sharing Economy), and how making things strengthens connections (The Return of Making Things: Bridging the Youth/Experience Divide & Empowerment through Making). ‘

Innovation and technology is rapidly transforming our society, once again, with a renewed focus on how technology can empower and connect people.  San Leandro is uniquely positioned to take advantage of these sweeping changes because of our location in the Bay Area and our fast internet connections through Lit San Leandro.

I just returned from the annual Broadband Communities conference in Austin Texas, where it is clear to broadband innovators that the era of connecting things to the internet (the Internet of Things) to collect, measure, analyze and display provides huge opportunities to develop new applications that will dramatically change the way we make things, develop healthy communities, increase civic engagement — and San Leandro is on the cutting edge, ready to embrace these gigabit applications as these develop.







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