Truth Is Beauty – At Home in San Leandro

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Oct 4th, 2016
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The news of Truth Is Beauty’s San Leandro homecoming is being well-documented!   She was given a warm welcome by well over 100 well-wishers at the corner of E. 14th St. and Davis last Saturday as she lay securely tied to the flatbed truck that would transport her to her new home at the San Leandro Tech Campus.   Thank you to Derick Lee of Pilot City and Westlake Urban for sponsoring this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome Truth Is Beauty and sculpture Marco Cochrane and his wife Julia Whitelaw before her installation.   Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Mayor Pauline Cutter and Councilperson Deborah Cox were among the many guests welcoming her to San Leandro!

Many more pictures and stories have been posted on social media by our community over the past few days.  To stay on top of the growing celebration, follow hashtag #TruthIsBeauty on Twitter. On Facebook, follow Westlake Urban, San Leandro Next, and you will also find many San Leandro community members posting and re-posting stories!

September 30 – Truth is Beauty, San Leandro Tech Campus featured on KTVU news


October 1 – “Truth Is Beauty” Sculpture Revealed in San Leandro – KRON News


October 3 – Time Lapse Video of Truth Is Beauty Installation by Sunny Tong


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  1. Viola Walters says:

    Can you remind me how this statue was paid for and by whom? I cannot find it on your web site.

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