Two New Neighborhood Housing Projects Approved

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Oct 23rd, 2020

Last month, two residential projects were given the go-ahead by the San Leandro City Council, both of which provide needed workforce housing. A 39-unit townhome development was approved at 903 Manor Boulevard and a 42-unit apartment development was approved at 1388 Bancroft Avenue.

The production of new housing has been an ongoing challenge in the Bay Area, and with the economic strains due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing shortage continues to present mounting social and economic challenges across the region.  In recent years, the State of California has declared the creation of new housing, particularly affordable housing, a top policy priority. These two projects help the City meet its  state-mandated Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) goals. The RHNA goals reflect the fair share of housing units that each city and county in California must build every 8 years for very low, low, moderate and market rate income households. The City has not met its current State RHNA goal for moderate and market rate unit production so these projects will help address that deficiency.

In conjunction with new state laws, the City is also working to establish clear and comprehensive multi-family development standards.  Those interested in providing feedback on the design of future multi-family housing are encouraged to take this survey and sign up for project updates at

903 Manor Boulevard

On September 8, the City Council approved a 39-unit townhome development at 903 Manor Boulevard in the Washington Manor neighborhood.  Named Maplelane, the project will construct three-story, for-sale townhomes at the now-closed Manor Bowl location.  This project represents homeownership opportunities, with six of the units priced more affordable for low, and moderate income homebuyers, and four being ADA accessible.  The development is comprised of 12 two-bedroom units and 27 four-bedroom units, with an average floor area of 1,808 square feet.  Each unit will have an attached two-car garage, and guest parking will be provided.  The development will also include various sustainability features, including being ‘all electric’- providing heating, cooking and other amenities via electric rather than gas; providing solar panel options for buyers; and providing capabilities for electric vehicle (EV) charging in garages, as well as EV charging ports in the guest parking spaces.

1388 Bancroft Avenue

On September 21, the City Council also voted to approve a multi-family housing development at 1388 Bancroft Ave proposed by developer Tom Silva and Eden Realty. The property will be redeveloped with a 3-story contemporary apartment with 42-unit units, along with a bicycle parking room, a refrigerated package room, a community room, outdoor spaces, and guest parking spaces. The development is comprised of 40 two-bedroom units and 2 three-bedroom units.  Sustainability features include the building being all electric, powered by rooftop solar panels; installation of electric vehicle charging ports, and the design of the project to be GreenTrip Certified, which is for multifamily projects that apply strategies to reduce traffic, excessive parking and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Council’s approval follows several years of discussions between the project developer, the surrounding neighbors, and the City. As part of its compromise approval, the City Council required additional concessions from the project developer, including a total of four income restricted and below market rate units to be built on-site, along with in-lieu housing fees paid into the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund. The developer is also required to come back before the City Council for approval of a parking management program.

Leasing information is not available at this time, but will be made available by the respective property management companies when the projects have advanced to such a stage when applications can be processed.

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  1. liew saeteurn says:

    how do i sign up for it?

  2. DEVANN says:

    Is there a list for the Townhomes ?

  3. A. Adams says:

    What is the criteria for the ADA accessible units?

  4. Esperanza Pasion says:

    How can we apply
    For this housing?

  5. Angelica says:

    Will Manor Blvd be repaired before this construction begins?
    What school district will they pertain to?
    What will be done about traffic? Imagine what traffic and parking will be like on Sundays when Faith Fellowship Fousquares has their service.

  6. Lifan Huang says:


    How do I sign up for this? Where do I go and apply?

    • SLNext says:

      “Leasing information is not available at this time, but will be made available by the respective property management companies when the projects have advanced to such a stage when applications can be processed.”

  7. Brenda Sarah Bueno says:

    Where can i get information to sign up for the interest list

  8. Brenda Sarah Bueno says:

    Website for information and application

  9. Mary Surla says:

    Are these publish yet?
    I’m interested about these townhouses.
    Please let me know if anything is available.

    • SLNext says:

      San Leandro Next is a blog that reports on innovation and economic development news in San Leandro. These projects have not yet been built. We will likely publish additional stories when construction is underway, or completed.

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