San Leandro Well Represented in the Mozilla Ignite Challenge

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Jun 30th, 2013

MozIgThe Mozilla Ignite Challenge seeks to support the development next generation apps that take advantage of gigabit networks. In a unique partnership between US Ignite (A program of the White House Office of Science and Technology) and Mozilla, the challenge recently recognized the top four apps nationwide.


The Remote Process Control Team, recently named as one of the top four, includes Lit San Leandro, San Leandro based PhaseSpace, Inc.,  and their partners  Purdue University, Kettering University, OmNom Project, and Internet Archive.

The San Leandro team helped to create “A Reliable Communication Protocol for Remote Process Control,” an app that provides a protocol for remote, off site manufacturing and high-precision process control with high accuracy and extremely low latency.  It revolutionizes how the Internet can be utilized.  For a fantastic summary of the entry, please view the “Pitch Video.”

This success illustrates how Lit San Leandro has launched San Leandro as a leader in big-data innovation and advanced manufacturing.


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