2021 New Restaurant Round-Up

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Jan 11th, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact business in 2021, even if restrictions were eased and businesses were able to resume more-or-less normal operations. In part thanks to this, several more restaurants were able to open their doors in the second half of 2021:

Hay Tea Cafe is a boba tea place located at 15251 Hesperian Boulevard that offers boba teas, milk and traditional teas, as well as ramen, rice bowls, and fried snacks like popcorn chicken, chicken wings, and egg rolls.

In the middle of Auto Mall, sushi restaurant Kaisen Don opened its doors at 1042 Marina Boulevard. Kaisen Don has two prior locations in San Francisco and offers sushi, sashimi, and chirashi bowls.

Pho Ga 88 is located at 15040 Farnsworth, adjacent to 88 Manor Market, and its focused. menu includes traditional Vietnamese pho, rice dishes, appetizers and add-ons. Diners really appreciate the large portions and good value.

Already featured in a prior Dining Discovery post, pop-up Porque No? Tacos has found a comfortable home at Frank’s Sports Bar & Grill (2014 Marina Blvd), where they offer breakfast and lunch. Regular diners swear that the chilaquiles are among the best in the Bay Area.

La Tia Tequila opened in August at 2075 Doolittle Drive, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner from a comprehensive menu of authentic dishes from Tepatitlán, Jalisco (an hour from Guadalajara)! La Tia Tequila does have a beer and wine selection, but is very much a family restaurant.

Near the I-580 freeway, at 1383 MacArthur Blvd, Slice Pizza and Krunchy Chicken opened its doors in November. Like the name suggests, this eatery offers pizza by the slice (or pie) and fried chicken (and fish). The pizza menu includes unique flavors like chili paneer, gobi achari, and chicken tikka pizza, alongside traditional flavors.

Earlier in the year, we also enjoyed the opening of Tony Gemignani’s Slice House and Bag O’Crab in the former spaces for the Vine and the Englander in Downtown San Leandro, and Urban Ka-Re House opened in Greenhouse Marketplace (699 Lewelling Blvd). Urban Ka-Re House is a Japanese curry restaurant with some modern spins on classic curry dishes, including many vegetarian options and even sandwiches!

Again, congratulations are well-deserved for these restaurants for remaining resilient and opening for business during the pandemic. 2022 will be bringing even more dining establishments, and a few are already in the pipeline:

Local fave Joe’s Pho is still working on opening a second location in Washington Plaza, Naan Soju Bang will take over the space recently vacated by Naan N’ Pasta, and Dave’s Hot Chicken will arrive at 1495 E. 14th Street (alongside Fieldwork Brewery). Stay tuned for more details as these restaurants open.

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  1. Lee says:

    You forgot to add the 1st legal cook from home business GRILLEEQ

  2. Myra says:

    Hi! Kaisen Don hasn’t opened yet. But, I think they’re hoping to this year. Lots to look forward to 2022

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