Top Hatters Kitchen and Bar Opening Today

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Apr 24th, 2019


After several weeks of soft openings to get everything just right, the highly anticipated Top Hatters Kitchen at 855 MacArthur Boulevard will hold its Grand Opening today, April 24, 2019, starting at 5PM.

For six years, DanVy Vu operated the successful food truck, Go Streatery, where diners rejoiced in the modern, California cuisine Vu dished up. However successful Go Streatery was, the food truck circuit was never truly where she belonged. A San Leandro resident of eleven years, Vu saw an opportunity in the Top Hatters hat shop and embarked on a journey to transform the 65-year old hat manufacturing shop to a chic restaurant.


Top Hatters Kitchen and Bar is located at 855 Macarthur Blvd of the Broadmoor District of San Leandro.  With the prominence of the Top Hatters hat shop in the community, it was only natural for Vu to to keep the name, the original structure, and the sign as a nod to the history of the neighborhood. Above all, Vu hopes to carry on the spirit of making those who walk in feel like family.

Top Hatters Kitchen and Bar is a modern neighborhood restaurant where diners can expect a mingling of small and large plates, thoughtfully crafted to encourage sharing, and instilling a family dining atmosphere— where the company and conversation contribute as much to the experience as the spectacular food being served.

Top Hatters could easily bring on familiar dishes and flavors often associated with neighborhood restaurants, but believes it would be a shame not to take advantage of the prolific and diverse culinary offerings that the rest of the Bay Area has to provide.

“We offer an eclectic mix of rustic, made-from-scratch dishes,” says Vu on the Top Hatters website,  “always nuanced and inspired by what’s available seasonally. Our food will be approachable, eschewing complicated names, and bohemian in spirit as we are nonconforming and unconventional—sophisticated only in the way we are able to weave different ethnic influences and ingredients together.”

Vu has made a considerable investment in this space and also took advantage of the City’s Business Incentives Program to help finance some of the improvements to the space.

7 Responses to “Top Hatters Kitchen and Bar Opening Today”

  1. eric says:


  2. Kirk says:

    You failed to give ANY indication of the type of food they will be serving. Useless article.

  3. Dan says:

    Kirk, the picture gives an idea of the food. And you will find out the restaurant does not want to be boxed into a certain cuisine. The article was useful

  4. Robert says:

    I can not wait to try!

  5. AHHH are you kidding me! I missed the Grand Opening?!?! Ahh I was popped in the other day during there training becauase I thought they were open! I loved when they were a food truck and when I found out that they were opening a restaurant in my neighborhood I flipped! I will be there this weekend! SO excited you’re finally open!!!

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