Dining Discoveries: Blue Dish Cafe

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Jun 5th, 2015

Blue Dish Catering and Cafe

2956 Teagarden Street

Recommended by Marguerite Mazzitti, Board Member, Board of Zoning Adjustments

blueBlue Dish Catering is known for their 25 years of business catering in San Leandro, but the Blue Dish Café is a dining discovery that one may not necessarily find as easily as a restaurant downtown or in a shopping center. Blue Dish Café is one of the few places to eat in the city’s industrial district, which makes the restaurant distinct and potentially a little more difficult to find (look for the green top building across the street from the sports complex).

The café is open for breakfast and lunch and is more famously known for their healthy and savory options at the noontime hour. Lunchtime may seem chaotic at times with the long line and the fast-paced operation, but once your order is in, the food comes out quick and ready. Blue Dish is celebrated for their Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food and also serves great plates from their South of the Border, All American Grill and Gourmet Salads (always ask for their house vinaigrette dressing!) options. They also offer three daily specials, which often become weekly specials, due to the overwhelming popularity of their seasonal dishes. The food is a great value, fresh and nutritious, and provides a really great range of different cuisines, including a variety of vegetarian options.

The quality of Blue Dish Café keeps the regulars coming and you’ll become a regular the second or third time when the proprietors, Sam and Leyda, remember your name. This hidden gem tucked away among the large industrial buildings makes Blue Dish a special business in the city’s industrial area, as it has thrived and brought many great meals to the workers and residents of San Leandro.










About Dining Discoveries: San Leandro’s restaurant scene is full of hidden gems, quirky hole-in-the-walls, and authentic ethnic foods. Dining Discoveries is a recurring feature on San Leandro Next designed to bring increased awareness to businesses that have been flying under the radar…and to help you find a great place to get dinner tonight. We started by asking the City Council for their recommendations and we will looking to the community for ongoing help in identifying great restaurants that people may not know about.

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