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Mar 8th, 2016
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Luke's Fried Zucchini

1509 East 14th Street

If you are a seasoned San Leandran, chances are you have at one point or another frequented Luke’s Grill for a robust Mediterranean meal. Ideally located on E. 14th Street in Downtown San Leandro, Luke’s offers a wide variety of Greek and Italian staple home-style dishes, from the classic gyro to the heartwarming moussaka. The interior is adorned with mural art depicting white adobe village scenes, and seating is ample, making it a fine destination for families and groups.

Luke's Gyro & RiceThe food is comfortably familiar and served in generous portions. The modestly priced menu offers such a variety of dishes that you would be hard pressed to not find something to your liking. The traditional gyro is well-balanced, the savory meat and and vegetables portioned appropriately against the refreshing tartness of the tzatziki. The fried zucchini is crisp on the outside, with just enough crunch on the inside, served with a hearty marinara sauce and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. The filling of the spanakopita is rich and creamy, while the phyllo wrap is delectably crisp and flaky, and the flavors marry well with the garlic undertones of the tzatziki sauce.

Luke's Lamb ShankFor those with a hearty appetite, the moussaka or pastitsio are lasagna-style belly-fillers that deliver a harmony of flavors composed from vegetables or pasta, beef, marinara, and béchamel sauce. For a sampling of flavors, try either the Zeus or Greek platter. Each platter offers an assortment of Greek delicacies, like dolmades, tiropita, meatballs, hummus, and more.

Luke's SouvlakiWhile Luke’s Grill’s strength is Mediterranean cuisine, the menu also offers some American dining options, like burgers, deli sandwiches, cheese steaks,  crab cakes, and an array of children’s dishes. The dessert selection will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth with a variety of staple cakes and pies, cannoli, and of course baklava and galaktoboureko. In short, Luke’s delivers a solid menu that appeals to most everyone’s tastebuds as well as budget.

About Dining Discoveries: San Leandro’s restaurant scene is full of hidden gems, quirky hole-in-the-walls, and authentic ethnic foods. Dining Discoveries is a recurring feature on San Leandro Next designed to bring increased awareness to businesses that have been flying under the radar…and to help you find a great place to get dinner tonight.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Luke’s is great. from the soup or Tapanade, to the calamari (soooooo goooood!!) to the Tiramisu… delicious.

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