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Aug 12th, 2015


600 Dutton Ave

Recommended by Corina López, City of San Leandro Council Member

If you drive too quickly past 600 Dutton Avenue, you might miss Rubiano’s Pizzeria—on the corner of Bancroft and Dutton Avenues—and that is a shame, because you will be missing one of San Leandro’s best pizza places. Rubiano’s has quickly become a neighborhood walking-distance favorite, as a provider of great food, good drink, and amicable service.

Rubiano's PizzeriaIn order for a small-time pizza shop to compete with the many successful and much more prominent franchise businesses, it must find a way to stand out from the rest.  And while Rubiano’s offers many of the staples (meat lover’s, BBQ chicken, supreme), it also throws some unique flavors in the mix (pizza verde, pollo blanco, Greek).  But what really sets Rubiano’s apart is the flavor.  The homemade sauce, fresh ingredients, and rustic crust unite in a well-balanced, savory pie that evokes feelings of the off-the-grid, urban pizzerias of Italy.

While the restaurant offers many delectable pizzas, bountiful pasta dishes, and crisp salads, one has not had the true Rubiano’s experience until sampling the stromboli.  The pepperoni, linguiça and sausage stromboli is exploding with flavor.  The meat is abundant, and the bready ends of the folded pie make perfect tools for mopping up the leftover sauce—that is if you are able to finish it, as the serving is ample enough for two people.  The stromboli also comes with a side salad, which makes it not only a complete meal, but at $8.99, a bargain as well.

While Rubiano’s is a fantastic place for lunch, the atmosphere is best at night, when the light is dim and the soothing whir of diners fills the room.  The bar offers many local brews on tap, along with its own celebrated Sangria, specialty cocktails, wines, or whatever libation suits your fancy.  And if you are a fan of pairing sports and chicken wings, the Buffalo wings are as good as they come – crisp and tangy, with just the right amount of heat.

Rubiano’s is a great place to go, whether you are looking for a place to catch a game, take the family out for some hearty food, get take-out for a lazy movie-night at home, or just happen to be in the neighborhood and feeling peckish.  For those of you who don’t live within walking distance, there is ample off-street parking on the side of the restaurant.  Buon Appetito!





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